And This Is Why I Won’t Be Opening SkyrimLauncher Between Now And The Rest Of Existence

So, yes, I will admit this post is going to be a bit ranty.

Bethesda, at E3 in 2017, announced a thing called “Creation Club”, which any Skyrim PC player, including me, will immediately recognize as paid DLC.

Yes, that’s right, Bethesda thins they can pull the wool over our eyes AGAIN. There’s a slight problem, though. Apparently, according to people on YouTube, paid mods breaks people’s load orders by alphabetizing mods like the launcher (whose executable is SkyrimLauncher.exe) did back at launch.

However, since I clearly have NO paid mods and never will (see: Skyrim Nexus), I cannot test this (and won’t as I already have a zany mod load with multiple merged mod sets to begin with).

All I know is that if you’re modding Skyrim on PC, I’m going to now advise you to either use ModOrganizer or Nexus Mod Manager to completely and entirely manage Skyrim modding outside of Skyrim’s out-of-the-box launcher. ModOrganizer even has it’s own Skyrim.ioni and SkyrimPrefs.ini, so you can just manually go in and tweak setting there (like, for example, if you’re playing on a monitor with a weird aspect ratio).

Either way, I find it highly ironic that Bethesda’s second attempt to force paid mods down our throats is breaking things for those using free mods. ‘Cause the only thing that’s gonna cause is more ammo for us to throw back at them when we tell them, yet again, “We. Don’t. Want. Paid. Mods. Ever.”

So, rant over. TL;DR: Don’t use Skyrim’s default launcher anymore if you’re modding things on PC, as it’ll make a mess of everything.