Enable Two-Factor Authentication On Skype

Okay, this post is going to be a quick one, biut since I somehow continue to get spam posts on Skype where the entirety of the post is simply a link to a random website (and sometimes it’s pretty obvious someone’s account’s gotten hacked because the actual URL link isn’t the text it says it’s going to go to….), I figured it’s time to post this little tip.

Skype accounts can have 2-Factor Authentication (“2FA”) enabled on them, but it is not in the Skype Settings at all. To add 2-Factor Authentication to a Skype account, you have to do it through Microsoft’s main account management site at https://account.microsoft.com/ (and that URL is not a link in this post unless your browser is automatically doing that – for maximum security, go type it in your browser’s address bar yourself!).

Also, as an added bonus, while you’re in your account settings, you can change your sign-in preferences so that you can only login to Skype using an email address, further increasing security.

And, yes, I know this exact information is probably elsewhere on the Internet, but since I’m still getting spam posts from contacts, I felt it needed to be said yet again.